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I’m an innovative leader and experienced software architect in a wide range of industries from ecommerce and telecommunications to automotive and healthcare. Skilled at speaking both deep business and technical languages, I’m passionate about building a strategic vision of software solutions that generate revenue at scale.

My management experience spans 10 years with an emphasis on Development methodologies like Scrum and Kanban, with a high importance placed on people and culture. I bring a strong software engineering background spanning 15+ years which includes steering the creation of new AWS Cloud and DevOps infrastructure as well as modern Business Intelligence and Insights platforms.

I’m interested in collaborative and bureaucracy-free opportunities that are human-first. Leveraging analytics to make data-driven decisions is important while simultaneously honoring our individual freedom to crush it.


Onnit Labs

Chief Technology Officer - Austin, TX – 1/20 to Present

  • Serve a diverse range of teams across DTC and B2B channels, developing cloud software and technology solutions to both internal and external customers.

Onnit Labs

Vice President of Technology - Austin, TX – 12/17 to 1/20

  • Design and launch a Business Intelligence solution to consolidate KPI’s, generate new business insights and drive a culture of data-driven change.
  • Develop and release a high-margin digital product line of personalized fitness content utilizing an internal CMS and CRM integration to increase customer engagement and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Communicate effectively in management duties including leading a well-rounded team of developers, provide executive leadership and manage IT contractors.
  • Integrate with a leading 3PL partner for the efficient fulfillment of all heavy fitness products.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to advise, design and lead all stages of the SDLC with an emphasis on guiding software requirements, high-level architecture and timeline management.

Onnit Labs

Director of Software Development - Austin, TX – 12/15 to 12/17

  • Steered the re-architecture of an AWS ecosystem to gain improvements in areas like monitoring, alerting, and infrastructure as code; resulting in highly-scalable applications to handle large spikes in ecommerce traffic.
  • Designed and led the implementation of extensive API integrations with many SaaS platforms including NetSuite, HubSpot, Braintree, ShipStation and Custora.
  • Created the company’s first CI pipeline that leveraged Jenkins, Docker and select AWS services.
  • Increased wholesale channel sales by automating EDI purchase order management and fulfillment lifecycles with multiple large-scale national healthy living retailers.
  • Management duties included defining product requirements, interviewing and mentoring new hires, conducting performance reviews, resource allocation and technical project management.

General Motors (InterSys Consulting)

Senior Software Engineer, Consultant - Austin, TX – 9/15 to 12/15

  • Drove the rapid development of a consumer-facing car sharing mobile app that served as a car reservation system and remotely control vehicles.
  • Extensive API design within Zend Framework 2 to provide RESTful endpoints for an Angular driven website as well as iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Advanced software quality and team growth through developer training and mentoring, collaborating with product owners on requirements, and performing technical interviews for new team members.

Mattersight Corporation

Senior Software Development Manager, Routing - Austin, TX – 2/15 to 8/15

  • Guided a team of senior software engineers to design and enhancing a complex and high volume predictive behavioral call routing software solution.
  • Influenced team consensus and accountability to milestones with strong collaboration and a focus on both project delivery and high performance software.
  • Performed management duties including interviewing candidates, training and mentoring, conducting performance reviews, resource allocation and technical project management.

Mattersight Corporation

Senior Software Development Manager, Analytics - Austin, TX – 5/11 to 2/15

  • Led 5+ developers in the design of large scale software for near real time analysis of phone calls, desktop, and text data.
  • Translated complex business goals into technical requirements, mentored team members, provided estimates, planned projects and accomplished tasks using the Scrum and KanBan methodologies.
  • Performed extensive data modeling and API design of software products including Back Office Desktop Analytics, student text analysis, and feature extraction for predictive analytics using R.
  • Worked with Product Management and Sales to advise and create new software features including an innovative and market differentiating Compliance and Quality Management call center product.
  • Identified and redesigned costly areas in software including an improved rule-driven VoIP telephony architecture that enabled faster delivery of call center analytic metrics.
  • Cultivated a team emphasis on providing valuable unit, system and regression test coverage of software using Jenkins in a Continuous Integration and Delivery model.
  • Broad management skills that included interviewing candidates, training and mentoring, conducting performance reviews, resource allocation and technical project management.

eLoyalty Corporation

Senior Software Engineer - Austin, TX – 7/08 to 5/11

  • Designed and developed large-scale enterprise data analysis for Fortune 500 companies in industries including finance, technology, healthcare and education.
  • Utilized Agile methodology for software development and performed regular peer code reviews for design improvements, reinforcing best practices and preventing security vulnerabilities.
  • Drastically reduced software delivery time by creating a rule-based Domain Specific Language for linguistic analysis of phone calls for metrics like personality, distress and customer satisfaction.
  • Significantly increased analysis performance for tens of millions of phone calls per month by implementing the Zend Framework Cache module for linguistic rule configuration.
  • Designed and established an interactive unit tester UI for over 1 million lines of code by utilizing features of the PHPUnit framework.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center

Systems Analyst, Web Developer - Santa Fe, NM – 7/06 to 7/08

  • Served as the sole developer responsible for the redesign and development of both Internet and Intranet healthcare websites.
  • Integrated and tailored an industry-leading Web Content Management System (Ektron) including a secure Portal environment.
  • Increased organizational efficiency by designing a PHP web application to manage and streamline all Information Systems Security Requests for over 1,700 employees.
  • Leveraged communication skills across a diverse audience to lead the development of web-based applications in areas including Emergency Services, Finance, Service Excellence and Security.
  • Served in leadership roles on the IS Process Improvement Team, Forms Committee and Intranet Advisory Board.

Christie's Great Estates

Webmaster - Santa Fe, NM – 10/05 to 7/06

  • Developed, administered and maintained three international real estate websites requiring progressive large-scale data processing methods, reporting and user-interface design.
  • Contributed to over 300% growth of online property ads and increased web presence achieved in the first three months of employment.
  • Played an instrumental role in the selection, development, and implementation of the organization’s first trouble-ticketing system and comprehensive IT project management system.

Morris Surveying Engineering

IT Specialist, CAD Technician - Santa Fe, NM – 8/04 to 10/05

  • Served as the primary technical liaison during the transition of a land surveying and engineering firm from one company to separate business entities.
  • Improved efficiency company-wide by developing a custom desktop software application responsible for managing and tracking all surveying and civil engineering CAD projects.


Bachelor of Arts Degree

Fort Lewis College - Durango, CO – 6/04

  • Computer Science Information Systems (CSIS), major
  • Business Administration (AACSB Accredited), minor
  • Magna Cum Laude


Courses & Credentials - Various Dates

  • USPTO Patent: Quality Assurance Analytics Systems and Methods (#20160358115)


Technical Skills

  • Keywords: Python, PHP, Java, R, Laravel, Zend, Git, Composer, Jenkins, AWS, Docker Compose
  • Business: NetSuite, QuickBooks, ShipStation, SkuVault, EDI, SPS Commerce
  • Data: MySQL, MSSQL, Redis, ETL, JSON, JSON Schema, REST, SOAP, XML, XSD, XSL, XPath, RPC
  • Backend: OO PHP, Python, C#, R, Visual Basic, Zend Framework, Laravel, ApacheMQ, ZeroMQ
  • Frontend: JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery, CSS, LESS, HTML, EkML, Flash
  • DevOps: Docker Compose, Vagrant, Jenkins, AWS, Composer, NuGet, SVN
  • Testing: Unit, integration, PHPUnit, MSpec, NUnit, Xdebug, Zend Debugger, Selenium, Twist
  • Methods: Agile, Scrum, KanBan, Continuous Delivery, Process Communication Model
  • Projects: JIRA, Confluence, Asana, Mantis, TFS, MS Project
  • System: Linux, Mac, Windows, Docker, Vagrant, Apache, IIS, Windows Server



I enjoy spending time outside playing sand volleyball, camping and gardening with my wife and two kids. I’m an avid woodworker and like rock climbing, home improvement, gaming, table tennis, kayaking and so much more. If the hobby involves cool gear then it’s a safe bet that I dig it.


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